Privacy policy

SPOKKO Privacy Policy

Last updated: 03.11.2022


  • This document explains what data is collected in connection with SPOKKO games and services.
  • It also explains how we use that data, where we store it, and how we protect it.
  • In short:
    in order for you to play our games or use our services we need to process some of your data. Should we need to process your data for other purposes, we will ask you for your consent in advance.
    Some partners, such as e.g. CD PROJEKT, help us in developing our games and services and we may share limited data with them – but only for our own purposes.
  • Finally, it explains your rights in relation to your personal data.

Hello! This Privacy Policy is where we explain how your personal data is collected, stored or used, and what happens to it when you’re using SPOKKO games and services. We have put together two versions: a full text version, which is legally binding, and also section summaries, which will hopefully make the legal language sound a bit more accessible. Please read this Privacy Policy before you use a SPOKKO game or service for the first time. If you have any questions you can contact us at Here we go!


In the document below you will find the full text of privacy policy.