Warunki użytkowania

Last updated: August 26, 2020


This Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and SPOKKO sp. z o.o. ul. Jagiellonska 74; 03-301, Warsaw, Poland (we will further call ourselves “SPOKKO”). This Agreement applies to our Press Center located here [link] and your use of services available in the Press Center, including (but not limited to) user accounts, press releases, press packs, newsletters, and other marketing materials provided to you through the Press Center (further referred to as the “Press Center”). The Agreement will be notified to you and will be binding on you and us once you confirm registration of your Press Center user account.This Agreement applies only to Press Center – for the legal rules applying to other SPOKKO games and services, please see here [link].


2.1 Press Center is intended exclusively for journalists and business partners of SPOKKO.

2.2 Registration in Press Center and all services provided through Press Center is free of charge.

2.3 In order to register your user account, please fill out the registration form located here [link]. Once you submit the registration form, you will receive a message with an activation link at the e-mail address you provided in the registration form. Please note that you have to provide your valid e-mail address to confirm registration of your account. Upon activation, you may start using your Press Center user account.

2.4 You may also subscribe to our newsletter, which is optional.


3.1 By registering in Press Center you may gain access to promotional content relating to games and services of SPOKKO we may publish from time to time, including press releases and other textual material, as well as images and audiovisual content. All content will be available at [link] and will be accessible through any modern web browser.

3.2 If you subscribe for our newsletter service, we will send you, from time to time, e-mails with press releases and other news updates regarding SPOKKO activity, games and services. If you do not want to receive such messages, you can unsubscribe from the service at any time by clicking appropriate link in a message or through your user account settings.

3.3 Do not deliberately or maliciously interrupt or interfere with SPOKKO services, in particular do not interfere with or disrupt SPOKKO or third party network software or servers. Such actions may lead to cancellation or suspension of your access to Press Center.

3.4 In case of any complaints regarding your use of Press Center or any other matter arising from this Agreement, please contact us at legal@spokko.com. We will consider your complaint without undue delay, however not later than within 30 days, unless exceptional circumstances arise.

3.5 In media-related issues or queries, please contact us at media@spokko.com.


4.1 Unless otherwise stated herein, Press Center and all the content provided through Press Center is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws worldwide. This includes any and all content from the video games produced by SPOKKO, including (but not limited to) their visual components, characters, story, items, music, graphics, computer code, user interface, look and feel, game mechanics, gameplay, audio, video, text, layout, databases, data and all other content. You may not use or exploit any part of the content except as explained in this Agreement. No ownership right or interest or other rights in the content or any part of it is transferred to you.

4.2 SPOKKO grants you, as a journalist or a business partner of SPOKKO registered in Press Center, as well as the media outlet/channel or company you represent, a nonexclusive, non-transferable, royalty free, revocable permission to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, broadcast or make publically accessible at a time and place individually chosen by the recipient the promotional content made available to you in the Press Center, as long as the promotional content is used exclusively for editorial news use or promotional use in the context of business relationship between SPOKKO and your company, and provided that:

a) you keep intact all trademark, copyright and other proprietary notices,

b) you do not modify the promotional content,

c) you do not use the promotional content to do or say anything that is or may be considered racist, harassing, xenophobic, sexist, discriminatory, abusive, defamatory or otherwise offensive or illegal, and

d) you do not make any kind of impression that SPOKKO is your official partner, co-author of your works containing promotional content or that it assumes any responsibility of your use of promotional content.

4.3 SPOKKO may revoke aforementioned permission at any time, for any reason whatsoever, with the immediate effect with no refund to you.


5.1 Controller of your personal data is SPOKKO Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw, Poland, ul. Jagiellońska 74, 03-301 Warszawa.

5.2 If you have any question regarding your privacy, please write at the following e-mail address privacy@spokko.com, or by traditional mail at the address: Legal team, SPOKKO Sp. z o.o., ul. Jagiellońska 74, 03-301 Warsaw, Poland.

5.3 We process your personal data to provide you with Press Center services and – subject to your consent – to send you marketing communication.

5.4 We process your personal data when it’s necessary in order to execute a contract (article 6(1)(b) of GDPR), as well as based on your consent, if given (article 6(1)(a) of GDPR). Providing your data is voluntary, however necessary – if you don’t provide us with your data, providing you with Press Center services may become difficult or impossible.

5.5 SPOKKO shares your personal data with the following categories of partners supporting SPOKKO in personal data processing:

partners providing project management and content sharing tools, which we use at SPOKKO;

Partners providing us with newsletter sending tools.

5.6 Your information may be processed, stored and transferred to countries outside your country of residence and beyond the European Economic Area (EEA), such as the United States, in context of our use of digital signature operators’ services, as well as project management and content sharing tools use. In such case we will do so on the basis of the EU standard contractual clauses which is a lawful measure to transfer your data and establish adequate protection of your personal information.

5.7 Your personal data will be processed:

for the duration of the contract, and after that for the duration and to the extent required by provisions of law or for SPOKKO’s legitimate interest in defending against potential claims related to the recruiting process;

for marketing purposes – as long as we have valid consent; upon your request, we will delete or anonymize your data without undue delay and no later than within a month from the moment we receive your request to unsubscribe.

5.8 We respect your privacy rights i.e. the right to access, rectify and delete your data, limit its processing, transfer it, a right not to be a subject to automated decision-making, including profiling, and to object to the processing of your personal data

5.9 You can lodge a complaint regarding processing of your personal data by SPOKKO to your local data protection authority or to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office – Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych in Poland.


6.1 You can terminate this Agreement at any time by permanently stopping use of the Press Center and closing your Press Center user account. You can send a request to close the account at privacy@spokko.com. Termination will not affect already existing rights or obligations of us or you.

6.2 We may cancel or suspend you access to the Press Center, if we become aware that at the moment of registration you have not been – or you are no longer – a journalist or a business partner of SPOKKO, or if you materially breach this Agreement in any other way. This includes but is not limited to a breach of this Agreement which is flagrant and/or which could cause real harm to Press Center, other Press Center users, SPOKKO or other matters governed under this Agreement. In particular it applies to breaching rules we specified in point 6.3 and section 4 above.


7.1 If any part of this Agreement is found not to be legally enforceable, this will not affect any other part of it.

7.2 We may change this Agreement if we think it’s necessary, e.g. for legal reasons or to reflect changes in our services. If so, we will make the changed Agreement available online and update the “Last Updated” date.

7.3 Once we change the Agreement, it will become legally binding on you 30 days after we post it online. During that period, you’re welcome to contact us at legal@spokko.com if you have specific questions about the changes.

7.4 If you do not agree to those changes (regardless of whether you email us), then unfortunately we must ask you to cease using Press Center. We’re sorry we have to say that, but we hope you’ll appreciate that for our services to work properly we need to have everyone using it under the same rules instead of different people having different rules. That’s why we encourage you to get in contact if you have queries.