Spokko is a specialist mobile developer making innovative, creative mobile games through the power of a close-knit, ambitious team.

We’re an independent team with big ideas, and proud to be part of the CD PROJEKT family.

Building the best mobile games with the best team around.

Our Name

In Polish, ‘Spoko’ with one ‘k’ means ‘cool’, and can be used as ‘okay’, and ‘I will do it’. It’s positive, optimistic, and eager — and for a Poland-based mobile developer who’s always looking ahead, it’s a word that suits us perfectly!

Our Story

In August 2018, Spokko became part of the CD PROJEKT Family. While we work independently and enjoy full creative control over our projects, we also have access to the wealth of creative knowledge and business acumen of the Group.

Our team consists of passionate individuals who can turn little ideas into playable reality. To date, we have released more than fifteen mobile games and each past project have taught us a lot about ourselves and the industry we’re part of. [But,] We are not going to stop here — we are hungry for much more!

Technical Artist