Marketing Manager

Team: Marketing

Spokko is an ambitious team which works well together and specializes in creating incredible and innovative mobile games.

We are an independent development studio, full of ideas and proud to be a part of the CD PROJEKT family.

Our team is made up of passionate people who turn small ideas into playable reality. Our previous projects have taught us a lot about the mobile game industry and market which has allowed us to continue developing “The Witcher: Monster Slayer”, as well as make plans for future development.


  • realizing the plans and strategies for paid ad campaigns aimed at user acquisition for mobile products (with the use of Facebook, Google);
  • realizing and co-creating PR and communications for the Studio’s games;
  • working together with the creative department to determine the campaigns’ visual character and introduce new graphic creations;
  • doing A/B tests for the ads;
  • analyzing and reporting on the activities with the use of available tools;
  • searching for new solutions/tools to increase the effectiveness of the activities;
  • maintaining business relations with ad networks;
  • working together with the product department to determine the campaigns’ character in terms of achieving the product’s KPI;
  • performing marketing research;
  • preparing messages and marketing materials in Polish and English;
  • briefing the teams responsible for various elements of the marketing activities (creations, data structure for performance analysis, tools on the game-marketing line);
  • analyzing campaign results on the basis of data, presenting conclusions and solutions in the areas of marketing and game performance; and
  • optimizing and implementing changes necessary at the various stages of a project, based on analysis results.


  • knowledge of the mobile games market;
  • a minimum of two years of experience in an equivalent position;
  • experience in running e-marketing campaigns;
  • experience in acquiring users through Facebook Ads and Google Ads;
  • ability to interpret data and optimize marketing activities;
  • high familiarity with at least one attribution partner;
  • advanced knowledge of Google Sheets/Microdoft Excel for the purposes of analysis and reporting;
  • Familiarity with advertising trends and scoring assets;
  • high ability of data analysis and marketing assumption optimization;
  • a problem-solving disposition;
  • experience in working with creative, BI and product teams; and
  • proficiency in English (minimum C1 level).


  • experience in user acquisition through ad networks;
  • experience in working for or with an ad agency or an ad network;
  • familiarity with trends in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat etc.), Applovin, and Unity Ads, and the use of their ad spaces; and
  • familiarity with Adobe Photoshop to independently create/modify graphics from available assets.
Marketing ManagerTeam: Marketing