Senior Unity Developer

Team: Technical

Location: Warsaw office or remotely

Spokko is an ambitious team which works well together and specializes in creating incredible and innovative mobile games.

We are an independent development studio, full of ideas and proud to be a part of the CD PROJEKT family.

Our team is made up of passionate people who turn small ideas into playable reality. Our previous projects have taught us a lot about the mobile game industry and market which has allowed us to continue developing “The Witcher:Monster Slayer”, as well as make plans for future development.


  • Developing the existing gameplay and creating new gameplay elements
  • Developing the existing and creating new tools in Unity
  • Code architecture design
  • Debugging and optimizing code
  • Improving the existing code and tools


  • Minimum three years of experience in programming games in Unity
  • Ability to create documentation of your code
  • Very good knowledge of C#
  • Experience in creating tools in the Unity engine
  • Knowledge of Dependency Injection rules (Zenject welcome)
  • Experience in designing functionalities based on specifications
  • Knowledge of version control systems (GIT)
  • Experience in creating gameplay (game rules, scripts, physics, etc.)
  • Commitment, respecting deadlines, taking responsibility for your tasks
  • Knowledge and interest in the computer games market
  • Ability to create tests (TDD)
  • Knowledge of other programming languages
Senior Unity DeveloperTeam: Technical