DevOps Engineer

Team: Technical

Workplace: Warsaw office or remotely

Spokko is an independent development studio specializing in creating mobile games, proudly operating within the CD PROJEKT family.

Our team consists of passionate individuals who can turn little ideas into playable reality. To date, we have released more than fifteen mobile games and each past project have taught us a lot about ourselves and the industry we’re part of. 

We are currently working on The Witcher: Monster Slayer – a mobile AR technology-based RPG set in the world of The Witcher.

As a DevOps Engineer at Spokko you will:

  • Help us build our network infrastructure on GCP (we use the IaC approach with Terraform)
  • Develop the game’s network infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform – the game will need servers in further regions of the world, along with new functionalities. New infrastructure solutions may be needed and the DevOps Engineer will help design and implement them on GCP
  • Maintain the current infrastructure on GCP (currently, the game uses GKE, Datastore, EventHub and BigQuery; as the number of players increases, maintenance work on these will be necessary)
  • Create and develop the game’s condition monitoring
  • Create and develop CI/CD (currently, we mainly use the pipeline mechanism on Bitbucket, and the entire infrastructure is built using Terraform)


  • Co-creating the game’s network infrastructure and, at a later stage of the project, taking on the responsibility for monitoring its condition
  • Identifying and preventing issues that may come up in the live versions of the project
  • Developing and performing functional and load tests
  • Co-creating technical documentation of the project


  • Experience in working with Google Cloud Platform, in particular GKE, Datastore, EventHub and BigQuery
  • Working knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform – minimum one year of experience working in a similar position
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Very good command of Polish and English (B2 level minimum)
DevOps EngineerTeam: Technical