Associate Producer

Team: Production

Location: Warsaw office

Spokko is an independent development studio specializing in creating mobile games, proudly operating within the CD PROJEKT family.

Our team consists of passionate individuals who can turn little ideas into playable reality. To date, we have released more than fifteen mobile games and each past project have taught us a lot about ourselves and the industry we’re part of. 

We are currently working on The Witcher: Monster Slayer – a mobile AR technology – based RPG set in the world of The Witcher.


  • the production team helps the team creating the game to deliver it on time, making sure the quality and scope are in accordance with specified standards – regardless of specific responsibilities
  • associate producers at Spokko focus on ensuring the success of the game in any available way that does not contradict the values of our company
  • whichever area of game creation is closest to them, the Spokko producers are proactive in solving critical problems faced by the any of our teams
  • associate producers at Spokko do not make decisions, unless it is necessary, but rather ensure that decisions are made by others


  • organizing the work of appointed teams
  • formulating and supervising the project schedule
  • coordinating processes related to the production of the game in continuous collaboration with the leads of individual departments and team members
  • quality management of the project
  • responsibility for meeting deadlines for the implementation of pre-determined milestones
  • monitoring and reporting progress in the form of reports and meetings
  • managing and organizing the process of creating project documentation


  • ability to communicate with both designers and programmers, as well as artists and businessmen
  • good work organization in an environment of dynamically shifting priorities
  • very good command of Polish and English
  • knowledge of tools related to operational task planning
  • knowledge of the mobile gaming market, interest in the gaming sector


  • participation in the development and publishing process of a game in the mobile market.
  • ability to constructively assess the state and quality of the game
  • familiarity with pipelines connected with creating gameplay mechanics and game systems, both on the game side, as well as on the server side
  • basic knowledge of game desigN
Associate ProducerTeam: Production