Team: Animation

Spokko is an ambitious team which works well together and specializes in creating incredible and innovative mobile games.

We are an independent development studio, full of ideas and proud to be a part of the CD PROJEKT family.

Our team is made up of passionate people who turn small ideas into playable reality. Our previous projects have taught us a lot about the mobile game industry and market which has allowed us to continue developing “The Witcher:Monster Slayer”, as well as make plans for future development.


  • creating gameplay animations;
  • preparing object models for animation (skinning, rigging, morphing); 
  • working with 2D, 3D and Tech Art teams;
  • creating realistic and/or stylized animations;
  • ensuring the quality of the animations;
  • implementing the animations in the Unity Engine.


  • familiarity with animation programs (Maya and/or MotionBuilder);
  • experience with creating animations for games, backed by a portfolio;
  • ability to create animations of bipedal characters;
  • familiarity with 3D object skinning and rigging techniques;
  • openness, developed communication skills, good organization of work;
  • independence, keeping to deadlines, paying attention to details, willingness to continue learning and developing;
  • very good command of English (B2 level minimum).


  • ability to work with animations in Unity (or other game engines);
  • experience with creating animations for AA / AAA projects;
  • experience with motion capture technology.
AnimatorTeam: Animation