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Spokko is a dynamically expanding developer studio specialising in projects for mobile devices — currently, one of the fastest-growing segments of the gaming market.

Our young team members share a great passion, creativity and years of experience in the market. As of August 2018, we are becoming a part of the CD PROJEKT Capital Group.

While maintaining our independence, with access to the creative and business background of the Group, we will create unique, ambitious, high quality titles for players from all over the world.

Stay tuned!



3D Animation Artist

  • Preparing models for animation (skinning, rigging, morphing, lip-sync, IK)
  • Creating gameplay animation and cinematic animation
  • Creating facial animation

Game Developer

  • Developing the existing, and creating new, gameplay mechanics
  • Shape the project and design its code structure alongside other programmers 
  • Optimizing and debugging the existing code

UI Artist

  • Taking on the responsibility for creating readable, effective designs and images for user interfaces
  • Working alongside programmers to implement the design and visuals
  • Create static and interactive interface prototypes

Quest Designer

  • Creating the storyline, from the initial idea to implementation in Unity 3D engine
  • Supervising the correct implementation of game logic and story line/narrative
  • Planning, compiling, and implementing assets required for the creation of the quests

2D Artist

  • Creating game concept art, as well as the final, high quality visuals
  • Designing and creating graphic elements such as menus, icons, and interfaces
  • Working closely with other team members – especially, the design team 

Character Artist

  • Creating 3D character models of the highest quality
  • Working directly with team members responsible for concept art and animation
  • Ensuring the timely completion of tasks and the highest quality of work

Cinematic Designer

  • Creating interactive, complex dialogue sequences using the Unity engine 
  • Working closely with team members responsible for project design
  • Ensuring the best possible positioning of the characters and adjusting their gestures and movements

Sound Designer

  • Creating sound effects and audio elements for our games, also with the use of an existing audio library
  • Responsibility for integrating sound effects with the rest of the game and implementing assets in the game’s Unity engine
  • Working closely with other team members in order to realize the shared vision of the project